Monday, January 26, 2009


So, here is a Kirk update! His staph is almost completely gone! yay!! His tummy troubles have disappeared. All we're left with is the cough. We went BACK to the doctor today and she said at first that he had RSV. She ran the test and she said that it wasn't RSV, but it was a virus that had the same symptoms and treatments as RSV. They were going to put him in the hospital, but they found out we had a nubulizer at home, so they said we could go home after we had a chest xray. We are still waiting to hear back from that. So here we are, a finger stick, shot, and xray later....not a good day to be a baby.

Videos For You!

I have been more or less computerless for the last few weeks so I'm blogging a few times today. Here are some pictures and videos of what goes on at the Williams House!

Yes, Danny is in the play pen with Kirk.

Kirk is wearing his shirt on his head, Danny is wearing Kirk's pants on his head.

Laughs at mom

He crashed in the happens a lot.

He really didn't want to wear that darn hat!

These two guys make me world a funnier place!

I looked out the window and what did I see....??

I got up the other morning and walked by our window and I thought I saw a gigantic dog out in our yard. I did a double take and this is what I saw, literally 20 feet from my porch!

How lucky we are to live in the "forrest" as Danny puts it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photo Shoot!

We took Kirk in to a portrait studio and had his pictures made. I think they turned out pretty well!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Luck

I have to say, we had a pretty fun weekend. We got to visit with family and have a good ole time. Then, on Monday, things kind of fell apart. First of all, Kirk has had a diaper rash for a couple of weeks. No big deal right? Well, it seemed to be getting worse so I decided we should make an appointment for Tuesday. Then that night the tummy virus broke loose for Kirk. We were up all night changing diapers. Fun. The next morning the cruddy cough began. We got into the Doctors office and she told us he had had a virus and has an upper resporitory infection, and a STAPH infection!!!!! We got him home and he had a reaction to his ointment and was screaming for an hour. When it rains it pours! However, we are quickly on the way to recovery so things are starting to get back to normal.