Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm a pretty quite gal.  I'm mostly a go with the flow, whatever works, lets all get along type person.  However, I actually have opinions!  Gasp! I know.  One of my opinions is that you don't need to flaunt your beliefs and ideas in front of the world.  But, all these pregnancy hormones mixed with irrationally crazy people are making it quite hard for my to keep my opinions to myself.  (and it's much better to post my little rant on here where most of my family won't see (-:)
For instance, I don't hate Obama.  I'm not the most politically savvy person, but I'm certainly not a Tea Party nut that wishes death on the POTUS.  Heck, he did slow jams with Jimmy Fallon.  What more could you ask of the leader of the free world.   
Secondly, I'm not all about hating on gay marriage.  I have my own personal beliefs, that coincide with that of my church..  Others have theirs.  I see no reason why, constitutionally, the government can control who you can and cannot marry.  This has gotten me in plenty of good "debates" with my husband.  We've given up trying to change the other person's mind.  So, now, just for fun, he likes to bring up the subject around our families and watch as I go blue in the face trying to hold my thoughts in.  I have a whole big argument pleading my cause, but I'll save that for another time.  
At the moment, I'm particularly annoyed with the whole Chick-fil-a scandal.  Saying what I've said about gay marriage, I'm completely irked when someone attacks me about eating there.  Good for the chickfila people for having standards.  Sure, maybe it was a tad politically (and business-ly) incorrect to go out and voice those opinions.  But, just because you eat at chickfila does not mean that you are a homophobe. No more than going to Disney World (or any other gay supporting organization) makes you a raging homosexual.    Sometimes, when you pick your lunch stop, you are not making a political or religious statement.  Sometimes, you pick it because your kids are in the back seat screaming for chicken nuggets and you are in the need of a peach shake.  

Let's all get along.  People, stop being crazy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

At Home Therapy

Due to a series of unfortunate events (all of which boil down to the fact the system is screwed, ahem) little Joey is therapist-less at least for 2 or 3 weeks.  So, dear mommy has been trying to include as much therapy into everyday play that I can.  Today we worked on fine motor and sensory.  These boys played for more than 30 minutes, which is an incredibly long time for my kids.  We had rice buckets and bean buckets and I took turns hiding a few toys for each of the boys-legos, superheros, puzzle pieces, and so forth.  Then they had to "dig" them out. I think we got the OT out of the way today, and even a little speech, too!  Now, how to incorporate PT....hmmm....

And yes, my kids go shirtless a lot of the time.  Boys. Sheesh.