Monday, November 16, 2009

Place Your Bets!

We are going for an ultrasound in the next week or so and hopefully we should be able to figure out what kind of baby is in there (aside from human, of course). So, I'd love to get everybody's guesses and bets. Thanks!

Look what I did!

So, I made Kirk a new quilt. This was a major deal for me. I don't like for things not to be exactly perfect, and usually don't finish if I don't anticipate perfection. This thing isn't exactly 100% perfect, but I made it and I am pretty darn proud of it! So, yay for me! :-)


Last Friday, our little family got to go to Nemo On Ice! This was fantastic! We recommend it to anybody that loves the movie. It started off great, and Kirk was way excited to see "Emo". It was all great, until everybody started cheering. My child is scared of life, so he totally freaked out and spent the first half of the show with his head on my chest peeking out to watch the show. But, after intermission, he warmed up and cheered. Since Danny is such an amazing people person and knows everybody, he managed to get us free tickets into the show. Once inside, we decided that they don't make anything off the tickets, its all the stuff for sale inside that makes them the money. We broke down and bought Kirk a snow cone in a Nemo cup, the cheapest thing there. Danny refused to pay $12 for cotton candy or $25 for a stuffed Nemo. Overall, it was a great time and we really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Christmas time makes me crazy. Not bad crazy, good crazy. I know its only early November, but it has already started. I would have put my tree up the day after Halloween if Danny would've let me. So far, I've already exceeded what I was planning on getting kirk. I am bad, but in a really exciting gift giving way. I cannot wait to decorate and start wrapping presents!

Monday, November 2, 2009


It must be nice to have a twin!

My favorite favorites asleep.

Why Moms Shouldn't Get Sick

So, I have some sort of sinus deal going on and I'm not quite 100%. I turn away for a minute and I hear this sound of rattling paper. Kirk dumped an entire bag of cornmeal into the carpet. He was just laughing and playing. Not so much fun for mom to clean up that kid!


What a Halloween. We did all the trick or treating around close and then went to the church for trunk or treat. Kirk hated it. The whole holding moms hand thing for 2 hours while dressed up was not very exciting for him. So, we came home early and ate candy! Good enough for me!