Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dance Party Pictures!

Our family has started having little mini dance parties in our bedroom. It is so weird, but it is also very fun. Here are some pictures from this morning's party. Love the glasses? Oh, and excuse my hair, this was first thing this morning, the straightener was still asleep.

(saving this one for blackmail....)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My sister has a fun blog, with lots of funny pictures. I am a nerd, so I am specifically humored by funny pie charts. I will be stealing some that I enjoy, like this one:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Soda Please!

We've had something go on at our house that has been a little disturbing to me. Whenever we ask Kirk what he'd like to drink, he responds "Coke! Coke!" This totally freaks me out. It is the rarest of occasions if we have soda of any type in our fridge, for the simple fact that if it is in there, I will drink ALL of it and be fat and sluggish. Plus, if you don't know our kid, he is hyper enough all by himself. He never EVER gets anything with caffeine (under my supervision, anyway) because mommy would have to start taking nerve pills to keep from going insane. He is a very lucky boy if he gets Sprite with his Happy Meal. Now, whenever we drive up to a fast food restaurant, he starts yelling "Coke!!!" in his car seat. So, this leaves me with the question, how does my baby know the deliciousness of Coke? Either way, he's not getting any. I, on the other hand, have told Danny that as soon as this new kid gets out of me I want an ice cold Diet Pepsi in my hand. From a fountian. Preferably Taco Bell. With some nachos on the side.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Report

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. We had a sonogram done to make sure the little guy was big enough and all was well. He is the perfect size, which is something we were worried about with the whole 2 vessel cord deal. I would post some pictures, but the kid was being camera shy and had his arm all the way across his face. We did get some good shots of his feet, as they were kicking me in the gut. Super cute! So now, we just have to wait about 10 more weeks to see the boy for real! I am getting way excited. The first little while it didn't really sink in that I was prego. Boy, has it hit me now. I'm counting down the days and getting kinda giddy. It will be so exciting to have a little tiny tiny baby in the house again. Now, I just have to find things to entertain Kirk during this icky weather. The only thing that keeps him content for more than 2 minutes is an Elmo movie, and I don't want to kill all his brain cells with movies so early. I'm looking forward to warm, dry weather so we can go outside and run around.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun Ruiner

Nothing is worse than returning a missed call only to hear the person on the other end say "Oh, Sorry, I didn't mean to call you...."
Stupid pocket dialing....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hairy Man

There are certain reasons I love this kid.......

His desire to wear Halloween wigs all the time is one of them.

More Snow Pictures!

We got out for just a little bit in the snow. Kirk was kinda ticked off that his outside toys had snow on them. He yelled at them for a minute, but overall, it was a good time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keeping that Baby Warm!

I've been feeling a bit crafty, and this is what I've done. It's a cute little blanket for the Joey man. It's kind of a bad picture, but I'm in love with it. And, yet again, I bought way too much fabric, so I think Kirk is going to get a matching one. Oh, and guess who picked out part of the fabric? Basketballs, baseballs, footballs, yep, Danny boy helped out. I love it. I always said I would never indoctrinate my boys into sports, but, it has happened. Kirk doesn't seem to mind.

Our Blizzard

We woke up to something this morning that almost never happens....SNOW!!!!!! You people from the west probably think this is just a joke, but in good ole' Mississippi snow flurries call for school cancellations. Last night, before anything fell from the sky, almost all the schools in our area were already canceling. All the milk and bread at the stores have been bought up. It's great! We are supposed to get a whole half an inch, and I am so excited!!! This are pictures from this morning, and it is still snowing, so maybe I'll put some more up later! One picture is of our porch and yard and the other is of my parents house. Kirk has been at the door all morning saying "Shnow! shnow!" It's so great! I've got my snow cream ingredients on the standby.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Artists

My 2 artist guys coloring it up together.
I'm a lucky girl.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Run Around

This honestly went on for 15 minutes straight. Running in circles around the love seat, screaming gibberish, I think Dan slipped him some caffeine, haha.