Monday, January 25, 2010

Soda Please!

We've had something go on at our house that has been a little disturbing to me. Whenever we ask Kirk what he'd like to drink, he responds "Coke! Coke!" This totally freaks me out. It is the rarest of occasions if we have soda of any type in our fridge, for the simple fact that if it is in there, I will drink ALL of it and be fat and sluggish. Plus, if you don't know our kid, he is hyper enough all by himself. He never EVER gets anything with caffeine (under my supervision, anyway) because mommy would have to start taking nerve pills to keep from going insane. He is a very lucky boy if he gets Sprite with his Happy Meal. Now, whenever we drive up to a fast food restaurant, he starts yelling "Coke!!!" in his car seat. So, this leaves me with the question, how does my baby know the deliciousness of Coke? Either way, he's not getting any. I, on the other hand, have told Danny that as soon as this new kid gets out of me I want an ice cold Diet Pepsi in my hand. From a fountian. Preferably Taco Bell. With some nachos on the side.....


Amanda said...

Maybe grandpa Williams? Hey, I'm not pregnant and nachos DO sound yummy.
You're so cute! Hang in there