Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love my child.

This is going to start off depressing, but it gets better. A couple that I went to school withs 20 month old little boy passed away suddenly this week. This has upset me, badly. No real reason for it. I have never met this little boy and haven't even talked to or seen his parents in over a year. But, for some reason, I have been in a fog over it. I guess, for obvious reasons, I feel like it is too close to home for my comfort. However, it has really made me think, in a good way. I know that I, as a mom, get stuck in the routine. Get up, breakfast, play, nap, lunch, play, nap, play, supper, bath, bed time, whew, end of the day. Sometimes I forget what it is that I am really doing. Heavenly Father has trusted Danny and I with something so wonderful and precious. It's not about going through the daily drills, it's about rearing a spirt child of our Heavenly Father. The love that I have for this little kid is so amazing, and I haven't really recognized that until the past few days. I know that I would do anything for him. What is it that he has offered me? Money? Services? Heck, the kid can't even talk. All that he has for me is dirty diapers everyday, but that is more than enough. A smile, a kiss, a ma-ma or da-da, even the pure fact that he his progressing in a normal way is more than enough of a payback for getting through the everyday. I hate that sometimes it takes tragedy, especially someone elses to make me realize the wonderful things I have in my life. I hope that I am doing as much for Kirk as his mother as he does for me on a day to day basis. I love you kid!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Bums

We have had a super fun weekend. Danny gets 2 days a week off and this week he got Memorial Day off, so he put all 3 days together and was off Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday, we were able to go down and visit with Mark, Kim, and Allie. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. Monday, Danny took Kirk to the park for a couple of hours so I could have some time to myself. So, of course, I used that time to....clean the house. It's amazing what a couple of hours can do. After they got back, we had a grill out with my parents, sister, and grandparents. It was so much fun. After that, my mom babysat while Dan and I, the grown ups, went to see the new Night at the Museum, way cute. When we got home, my mom and sister came up and we made ice cream and played games. We even talked my mom into playing guitar hero with us, super funny. I even busted out and sang a few songs, and almost failed, but sang nonetheless. Today, we got up and played a bit then decided to go for a swim at my mom's house. When we got down there, brrr, the water was frigid. Not a good thing. So, momma and Marlee and our little family loaded up and went to Piney Grove to the beach. There were surprisingly few people there, so that made it great. The water was pleasant and it wasn't a zillion degrees outside. However, Kirk had a bit of a reaction to his sunscreen and broke out in patches on his face and he skipped a nap, so most of the time he just wanted to lie on my shoulder. He did get a chance to play in the sand and splash in the water a little. I think he loved it. Now, we are making in the stove hobo packs and about to chillax the rest of the night. Ah....I love summer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was the baby man's birthday. I can't believe it. In my mind, the year, as a whole, hasn't gone by that quickly. However, thinking that one year ago from yesterday exactly, my baby boy came here to us is just crazy. I will admit, I got a little weepy. I wasn't really sad though, I don't know what you would call that emotion. I am so proud that Heavenly Father blessed our home with such a loving and wonderful little boy. We really don't know what we would do without him. Happy Birthday, Kirk! We love you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, today, we had the little man's first birthday party. It was a lot different that what I thought it would be, it was great though. It was his day and we let him enjoy it. We had it at the park, and although it was a little chilly, he had a blast. Elmo was everywhere and so was the cake! I'll be more sentimental on his actually birthday, but today was just plain ole birthday fun! This is Kirk and his Pap (my dad)!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I love this guy!

Yesterday, all the stars aligned and and some great cosmic event took place, Danny and I both had the day off. Usually, when Dan has the day off, either I have to babysit, there is some kind of event, or we cram all the stuff that we need to do for the week into that one day. Not yesterday, we had some fun. We really did nothing, that was the best part. We had Hardees for breakfast, after a failed attempt at rice pudding here at home. Then we went to Tupelo (about 40 minutes away) where Dan works to get some movies and hang out at the mall. We had a great time, however, our car, after a $700 repair, is still broken and overheated about 5 times. But we both had great attitudes and laughed through it. This is what I love about Danny. We didn't do anything special or out of the norm, but it was the best day I have had in a while. Another thing I love about him is his sense of humor. One of the movies we rented last night was Valkyrie, about an attempt to kill Hitler (pretty good movie, by the way). So, Dan was in charge of giving Kirk a bath. He tells me to go get Kirk's pjs and when I come back into the living room, this is what I see.
Funny huh? Once Kirk gets his jammies on, Dad decides that they HAVE to match. So these are my boys.
I love those guys! By the way, Kirky is sick today, ear infections in both ears and tonsillitis, poor kid, but a good sport!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We love our Missionaries!

Things have been a bit slow here for the Williams clan. Not that we aren't always running around like crazy, but it is all just average things, playing in the yard, picnics, work, those type things. My mom bought Kirk a mini-picnic table and we had a blast out last week. It was much fun.

Danny and I have a dirty little habit, but a very fun one. For the past, I'd say, almost 2 years, we "prank" the missionaries in our area by "decorating" their car. It started off with plastic wrap and poka dot notes. We've gone on to "oreo" the windshield, put stinkbate under their seats, and, this is a good one, put confetti in their air vents so when they turn on the air the next day, wham, confetti goes everywhere. This past Wed, we found out that both of the missionaries in our area were being transfered. So, at the Senior recognition night, we decided to pay them the dues of getting "decorated". This is how it turned out. We only had about 5 or 10 min to do it, so it wasn't as elaborate is our previous jobs, but funny none the less.