Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Bums

We have had a super fun weekend. Danny gets 2 days a week off and this week he got Memorial Day off, so he put all 3 days together and was off Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday, we were able to go down and visit with Mark, Kim, and Allie. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. Monday, Danny took Kirk to the park for a couple of hours so I could have some time to myself. So, of course, I used that time to....clean the house. It's amazing what a couple of hours can do. After they got back, we had a grill out with my parents, sister, and grandparents. It was so much fun. After that, my mom babysat while Dan and I, the grown ups, went to see the new Night at the Museum, way cute. When we got home, my mom and sister came up and we made ice cream and played games. We even talked my mom into playing guitar hero with us, super funny. I even busted out and sang a few songs, and almost failed, but sang nonetheless. Today, we got up and played a bit then decided to go for a swim at my mom's house. When we got down there, brrr, the water was frigid. Not a good thing. So, momma and Marlee and our little family loaded up and went to Piney Grove to the beach. There were surprisingly few people there, so that made it great. The water was pleasant and it wasn't a zillion degrees outside. However, Kirk had a bit of a reaction to his sunscreen and broke out in patches on his face and he skipped a nap, so most of the time he just wanted to lie on my shoulder. He did get a chance to play in the sand and splash in the water a little. I think he loved it. Now, we are making in the stove hobo packs and about to chillax the rest of the night. Ah....I love summer!


Amanda said...

You guys are so fun! We just loafed around the house all weekend...which was fine with me.

Oh and Kirk looks super stylin' in his rash guard and swim trunks!