Sunday, May 3, 2009

We love our Missionaries!

Things have been a bit slow here for the Williams clan. Not that we aren't always running around like crazy, but it is all just average things, playing in the yard, picnics, work, those type things. My mom bought Kirk a mini-picnic table and we had a blast out last week. It was much fun.

Danny and I have a dirty little habit, but a very fun one. For the past, I'd say, almost 2 years, we "prank" the missionaries in our area by "decorating" their car. It started off with plastic wrap and poka dot notes. We've gone on to "oreo" the windshield, put stinkbate under their seats, and, this is a good one, put confetti in their air vents so when they turn on the air the next day, wham, confetti goes everywhere. This past Wed, we found out that both of the missionaries in our area were being transfered. So, at the Senior recognition night, we decided to pay them the dues of getting "decorated". This is how it turned out. We only had about 5 or 10 min to do it, so it wasn't as elaborate is our previous jobs, but funny none the less.


Amanda said...

That is too funny. I bet the cool ones actually really like it! And little Kirky looks like such a big boy sitting at his little table. I can't wait to see you all!