Friday, June 26, 2009

Climber baby

For a few weeks, Danny and I have been discussing getting Kirk a little table or something for arts and crafts, snacks, whatever. Today, my mom and I went to a yard sale and found the cutest little art desk for a grand total of $3! I was very excited. When we got home and cleaned it up, we got out his colors and let him go to town. He loves it! He sits in his chair like he is some big kid. However, within an hour he was on top of it. This makes me very nervous, but of course, I had to grab a few pictures before I rescued him.

Note: Regardless of what my many pictures may lead you to believe, I do, in fact, dress my child. This was right after lunch and I have a food thrower, so clothes during meal time are out of the question.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. So, here I am, writing a little bit about the Dads in my life. I guess, when I really think about it, I have a lot of "dads" around me. Grandfathers, Uncles, close friends, etc. But, I guess I really want to focus on the 3 closest to me and my family. First of all, my Dad. I read somewhere that a girls first love is her dad. This is so true. I look at some of the things that I really like about my husband, and I realize, my dad does the same things. He has helped in the molding process of my life, good or bad. I love him and how he has brought me up. Second, my father in law, same thing, only in reverse. I know that as a little boy, you learn how to treat women based on how your dad treats your mom. I've seen how Paul stands up for Gwen sometimes (often scaring me a little when I first met him, ha. I was afraid for my boyfriends life!) I know that, again, he has influenced Danny's life in a way only a father can, so I am very appreciative to him for that. Third, Danny. Wow. When I think of what kind of person I would want to help in rearing my children, no other person than Dan comes to my mind. He is such a great dad and does all that he can for this family. That little boy looks at him like he hung the moon. I am thankful that Kirk has such a great example for a Dad. So, here's a shout out to all those Dads out there! We love you!
Part of Fathers Day Supper
Danny announced as he was bringing Kirk out of the bathroom "Kirk Schrute"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here's what's going down with the Wiliams fam!

Danny: Wow, is this guy busy. He is managing the Tupelo Hollywood Video and doing a bang up job. He has brought his store for last place (1000 something) to up around mid 100. That's pretty good, if you ask me. He works a lot, but has managed to be able to get a couple of days off a week, and we just love that. He pretty much adores this kid of his. He calls home a few times a day and talks to Kirk on the phone. He is doing such a great job taking care of this little family. We are also looking around for a house closer to his work, since he spends 2hrs of his day driving. He's a good sport!

Marca: Man, I am just taking it in. No complaints from me whatsoever! This summer, I am just enjoying spending time with family and friends. Home-made ice cream and grill outs are keeping me alive! I am the errand runner for the family, so that's what I do. Let me tell you, I don't mind one bit!

Kirk: Wow, this kid is getting big on me. He has grown teeth recently (we are at 6 now) and has developed so much! He can say lots of words and point to things. Growing out of being a baby everyday! He even got his first hair cut! Yesterday was his 1yr doctors visit. He weighed in at 22lbs and 31in. He did, however, have to get 3 shots and a finger stick. I have been traumatized. She stuck his finger first and he freaked a little. Then came the shots. Wow. He was so upset that he ripped his band-aid off his finger. Blood went everywhere, he was screaming. We went through 5 more band-aids, he just kept ripping them off his finger. It was awful. We went and had ice cream later, so we were both rewarded for being so brave. But, it turns out that he is enemic, so he has to take vitamins everyday. Have you ever seen/smelt baby liquid vitamins. Yuck! It looks like iodine and smells, well, it smells like vitamins. Gross. He hates it too. We have also cut out the B-O-T-T-L-E in the past day. Its been a very hard week for the kid. New teeth, shots, dr visit, vitamins, and not even the comfort of a bottle. He is just such a great and happy kid, though. Boy, we lucked out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

I love Summer!!!

It is offical, I love summer! I don't work or go to school, so really, this time of year should not be any different for me than usual. However, I am really excited about it this year. Last year at this time, I had a 2 week old and couldn't walk across my living room much less go swimming. This year, we've had at it. We have gone swimming multiple times already. Kirk loves it, but when he's had enough, he's had enough. Grammy got him a cute little crab floaty and he chills in that. My "educated" friends are out of school and I've been able to spend time with them. It's amazing what grown up conversation can do for you! We've been just having a lot of fun. Our car is back in the shop, been there for a little over a week :-( Thats another $900 bill. Yuck. Also, I put Kirk down for a nap and a few minutes later I heard a strange noise coming from his room. I peeked in and the little heman had broken an already cracked spindle and pulled it off and was clanking it against the sides of his crib. So, he has a brand new crib, at 1 year old. Sheesh. haha. My mom found Kirk some sunglasses and I thought he looked super cool in them. The picture is blurry but it was in motion. As it turns out, 1 year olds don't like sunglasses on their faces. Go figure!