Monday, August 31, 2009

Cupcake kisses!

Live at the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show!

I am going to blog about something that I am not necessarily proud of, but, it's been on my mind, so, yea. My teenage years, specifically between the ages of 13 and 16 were the hardest years of my life, thus far. I was the epitome of teenage angst. Nobody liked me, especially my family, and I didn't like anybody else. Nobody understood me. Nobody thought, "Hey, maybe she's just having a hard time growing up." It was more like "She's on drugs" (which I was NOT) or "She needs to be institutionalized" (which I didn't). Not one person around me got me. Not one. So, I turned to my music. I could put on a cd and hear somebody singing about exactly what I felt. The hate, the lonelieness, the hopelessness. It was all right there. One band inparticularly did that for me. Blink 182. Yea, yea. I know what you are thinking, "Aren't those the guys that ran around naked all the time?" Yep, those were my boys. They sang about all those things. Wherebeit having fun and partying, relationship issues, depression, family problems. I could relate to those guys. It was explicit, it was awful, and it helped me cope. It by no means made me a better person, but it made me realize that there was a chance to pull through. I realized that other people were mad at the world, but that it would get better. I knew every world of the songs and all about all the singers. They were my family when mine didn't want me (haha, I know my family loved me, I just couldn't feel it at the time). But on the other hand, letting go of them is what "grew me up". When I was 16, I met a nice young man that made me view things a little differently. Danny, unlike most boys I knew, had values and standards. He let me know in no uncertain terms that I did not need to listen to music like that anymore. I slowly let go, and it changed me. I went from scared teenager who could only cope through music to a slightly less scared teeneager that had somebody that was interested in what I had to say. My music, and letting go of it, helped me be me, and I'm ok with that. So, Mark, Tom, Travis, this ones for you! Maybe I'll name a kid after ya, who knows!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here we go again....

Well, I wanted to keep this a secret for a while, but, has anyone met my husband? Half the world knew within the first 24 hours. I figured the few people that read this know any way, but yea, Kirk is going to be a big brother! We must be out of our minds, but in a good way. We are due March 30. Wow, that's a long time. I don't think anyone really knows how long 9 months is unless they have a baby in them. With Kirk, I was terribly, terribly sick. No fun, at all. I'm trying to avoid that this time. I'm using the never stop eating tactic. I don't know how well this is going. So far, I've had to go restock our food supply twice because I have literally eatten everything we own. Plus, I am still feeling quite yucky. Let me tell you this, there is a fine line between eating enough so you don't get sick and eating too much and making yourself sick. Blah. Danny has been a good boy and keeps running out and getting me whatever I feel like I can eat, which has included fruit, cottage cheese, and chip and dip. Today alone, I've almost eaten a half a bag of ruffle chips with ranch dip. I'm going to be a very obese pregnant lady if I don't watch out. Urg. So I am setting sail on this adventure once more. Trying to keep my house clean and my boys fed. Not an easy task since walking across the room to get a glass of water is enough activity to require a nap and cooking food makes me sick (Kirks had A LOT of pb&j, dan cooks when he's home, poor kids.) I'm trying to behave, pregancy, as I am told, makes me quite evil and a bit of a downer. Hmmm... Wonder why? Anywho, wish us luck. We are SUPER excited and ready for our new little one!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daning King!

Ok, we have been trying to capture this for months now. Everytime we would pull the camera out, Kirk's nerves would kick in and he would hide. But, finally, we got it. I love this kid. He definately didn't get his moves from his momma, but maybe his music taste.....