Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's good to be here.

Wow, it has been too long.  I've been, well, busy, for the lack of a better word.  Lots of things going on, lots of prego related yuckiness.  But, tonight, I'm feeling a bit like writing.
This past week was the vacation that we'd been saving for for a year.  The vacation that we didn't go on.  We were so excited to go out west and visit (and for me, meet for the first time) lots of family and a few friends.  And, of course, to celebrate Danny's grandparents 50th anniversary.  But, things happened.  When you have a new house and the sudden loss of a job, you have to cash in all your chips.  Even the ones that had been in the savings box for the past year.  I had been reminded, repeatedly, by the calendar that we were approaching the date.  Plus, family constantly contacting us to ask if we were going and having to tell them no.  I was overly upset that we were missing this trip.  Blame it on excitement or those pesky prego hormones, but I was so bummed out.  Seeing my family's pictures on facebook of the trip made it even worse.  And I know it was just as bad for Danny, seeing as it was his family we were missing and all.  But, sometimes, were you want to be isn't where you need to be.  On Thursday, we got to check on the baby and she that "it" was actually a SHE.  I literally squealed when the sonogram lady told us.  And, on top of that, she is healthy and growing like she is supposed to.  Little, everyday miracles.  When you have one that has any problems, normal progression is a fantastic thing.  The next night, we got to visit with one of our friends.  He brought up that there is a boy in town just a few years younger than us that has Noonans syndrome, a possibility of what Joey has.  Even though this doesn't seem like a big deal, I am so excited try and get in touch with him and his family and find out about his struggles and successes.  Then, my big boys camped outside.  I loved it.  I love seeing them bond together in boy-ish ways.  So, even though we weren't on our big vacation, I got to experience and learn more and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I'm going to end it here, because I have the Office season 3 in my dvd player.  The "Scranton, the Electric City" song is playing on loop waiting for me to press play.  And I simply cannot concentrate anymore!