Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I love this guy!

Yesterday, all the stars aligned and and some great cosmic event took place, Danny and I both had the day off. Usually, when Dan has the day off, either I have to babysit, there is some kind of event, or we cram all the stuff that we need to do for the week into that one day. Not yesterday, we had some fun. We really did nothing, that was the best part. We had Hardees for breakfast, after a failed attempt at rice pudding here at home. Then we went to Tupelo (about 40 minutes away) where Dan works to get some movies and hang out at the mall. We had a great time, however, our car, after a $700 repair, is still broken and overheated about 5 times. But we both had great attitudes and laughed through it. This is what I love about Danny. We didn't do anything special or out of the norm, but it was the best day I have had in a while. Another thing I love about him is his sense of humor. One of the movies we rented last night was Valkyrie, about an attempt to kill Hitler (pretty good movie, by the way). So, Dan was in charge of giving Kirk a bath. He tells me to go get Kirk's pjs and when I come back into the living room, this is what I see.
Funny huh? Once Kirk gets his jammies on, Dad decides that they HAVE to match. So these are my boys.
I love those guys! By the way, Kirky is sick today, ear infections in both ears and tonsillitis, poor kid, but a good sport!