Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Report

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. We had a sonogram done to make sure the little guy was big enough and all was well. He is the perfect size, which is something we were worried about with the whole 2 vessel cord deal. I would post some pictures, but the kid was being camera shy and had his arm all the way across his face. We did get some good shots of his feet, as they were kicking me in the gut. Super cute! So now, we just have to wait about 10 more weeks to see the boy for real! I am getting way excited. The first little while it didn't really sink in that I was prego. Boy, has it hit me now. I'm counting down the days and getting kinda giddy. It will be so exciting to have a little tiny tiny baby in the house again. Now, I just have to find things to entertain Kirk during this icky weather. The only thing that keeps him content for more than 2 minutes is an Elmo movie, and I don't want to kill all his brain cells with movies so early. I'm looking forward to warm, dry weather so we can go outside and run around.