Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Good Ole Wilson Family

Well, I guess I have never actually written a nice blog about the Good Ole Wilsons, so here we go. We were able to spend Sunday (grandparents day) with my side of the family. We ate lunch with my parents and my mom's parents. Then later on we went over to my dad's parents house. I really enjoy the time we are able to spend with them. There is no one more important in a child's life (besides his own parents) than the grandparents. I know what a great role my grandparents played in my rearing and my childhood. I will never forget all the times that I spent playing out in the yard and making mudpies for my grandparents. Nor will I forget the trips my grandparents took me on. That part of me I will never let go, for it has helped to make me into the person that I have become. I am glad to know that my Kirk and my future children have such wonderful grandparents and greatgrandparents (not just on my side of course, wink wink). I love my family and am thankful for them.