Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We have had such a great Halloween! A week or so ago, we had a small party with my little sister and her boyfriend. Danny and I dressed up as Batman and Catwoman and Marlee and Michael were lumber jacks. We carved pumpkins, had a scavenger hunt, played "guess that body part", and played "Bobbing for Worms" (you play this by putting gummy worms in a plateful of coolwhipe and "bobbing" for them. At my house, something went wrong and there was a small coolwhip food fight between my dear husband and sister while her boyfriend looked on with a look of horror and disbelief. You gotta laugh it off though, right?) Wednesday night, we went to the trunk-r-treat at the Booneville ward and at Corinth. Kirk was able to see Grammy and Aunt Camilla, and Uncle Ben and James. We had a great time. Then on Halloween night we went trick-or-treating. Danny had to work, so my little sis went with me. She was a princess, I was a cat, and Kirk was little Charlie Brown again. We got to visit my parents and both of my grandparents. We even made the trip down to Baldwyn to visit Danny. It was a great night. Plus, to cap it off, Kirk started kinda-sorta crawling around. I give it another week before we have to do some major baby-proofing house rearranging! He's getting big on me!
The look of determination!
"I can almost do it, Mom!"
Almost there, kiddo!


Amanda said...

How cute are you!! I love that Charlie Brown. What a cute little man.