Saturday, February 7, 2009

Playing Outside!

I don't know how it is else where in the world, but in Booneville, Mississippi, it is a lovely day! I've been dying to get out with Kirk and let him play. However, lately, its just been cold and yucky. Although it was a little windy today, we went out in the yard and hung out. I brought a quilt out and some peach puffy treats for Kirk and we had a blast. After a while, Kirk decided he wanted to explore, so he quickly vacated the blanket and CRAWLED around the yard. He is such a country boy haha. He had a great time and was so happy to be out of the house. O by the way, he is much much better. (Allie Grace however, is in the hospital right now with bacterial pneumonia, so keep her in your prayers). It was such a great day and I am excited for more great weather!


Kristi said...

He is so darling, I hope I get to see him someday. I'm sorry you guys have been sick. Keep us posted you Ali is.

Amanda said...

Fun stuff! We spent the day in Chattanooga. It was lovely there too!