Saturday, March 28, 2009

Williams Family Update

It seems like I haven't blogged forever! I guess thats because not just a whole lot has been going on with the Williams fam. But we have been up to a few things!

Kirk is ever growing and doing new things. He's taken a few steps and saying a few words. He's trying new foods and turning into a little man. We got to go to the zoo during spring break and he loved it. He especially loved the elephants and seals. Animals are really his thing. My dad has a goat that Kirk goes to see everytime we visit and he loves it! We have decided that he is a great mixture of mom and dad because his favorite toys are balls and he prefers looking a books more than watching a movie or playing with his other toys.
Danny is a hard working man. He is managing the Movie Gallery in Baldwyn and is doing an EXCELLENT job. They are having a contest and his store is ranked number 2 out of about 130 stores, and his store is one of the smallest. He works so hard and is devoted to doing a great job. He is still a Sunday School teacher and loves doing that. I have to say, his favorite thing to do is play with that little boy of his. Kirk doesn't mind him either. Danny leaves about an hour after Kirk wakes up and he usually gets home right after Kirk goes to bed so they hardly see each other. But when they do, I don't think I've ever seen a kids face light up so much. Danny is such a good dad and really takes care of things around here for us. We are really proud of him.
I am just hanging out having a great time. Its hard to believe that I get to do what I do everyday. I enjoy being a mom and wife more than anything I have ever done. Getting to see Kirk grow and become a little boy is the most rewarding job anybody could ever have. I also baby-sit 3 days a week and Kirk and I really enjoy that. It is fun to see him interact with another baby. It can be quite funny sometimes. I went with my mom yesterday and we bought a ton of flowers, so maybe my yard will look pretty this year, if I don't let everything die. That has been the most exciting thing thats happened for me this week. :-)

So thats whats shakin with the Williams clan. Maybe something really exciting and out of the norm will happen and I'll have a fun blog about it. Thanks for reading!


Amanda said...

That little boy of yours (Kirk of course) is getting so big!! It's really amazing how fast it all goes isn't it?! I'm so happy you're so happy, just as long as you stay happy....sorry a song I once knew just popped out.