Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Spirited!

I love Halloween!!!! We are trying to start a few family holiday traditions of our own, so, we got started last night. It was Danny's day off and we were going to go to the Buffalo Park and pumpkin patch, but there was a 90% chance of rain, so we cancelled those plans (however, it did not rain one drop on us all day, of course!). So, we got our pumpkins the old fashion way, from the grocery store! We started off our night making caramel apples. Wow! This was so much fun, and very delicous. We got all creative and had some good looking apples (until the caramel started sliding off. we put too much on some of them. oh well, we know better next time!). While the apples were setting up, we carved pumpkins. We had a big family pumpkin and Kirk had his own. My favorite part when I was little was de-gutting the pumpkins, so we thought we'd let Kirk help us with that. Dan cut the lid off and I sat Kirk on the table to get a better look. He touched the inside once and was like "No Way!" I tried to help him stick his hand in, and no lie, the boy started gagging. Haha. Danny said "Sorry, I gave him that trait!" (Danny has a very weak tummy) So, he had his own little pumpkin and we gave him some Halloween face paint and let him go to town on it. It was very funny. He ended up with a lot of the paint on himself....and me....and his clothes...and the chair...but it was so fun. We ended the night watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" (my VHS from when I was probably 4). It was a great night! Only about a week until we get to have more fun! Yay!
Some of our"special"
Seconds before he started gagging....
Kirk and his pumpkin!


Amanda said...

You guys are sooo fun! I took the kids to the pumpkin patch and was "mean mom" when they begged to carve them that night. I love that Kirk gagged...James and I laughed our bottoms off!

Anonymous said...

Mariann Says: this is so great! I love that you are building your own family traditions. Caleb has the gag reflex too! We tried letting him get the goo out with some tongs...and that still didn't work! SOOOOO FUN! Happy Halloween. Those Apples look so scrumptious. I think the Young Women will need to do that! FUN FUN!

Shay Lee said...

I love reading your posts because they LITERALLY make me laugh out loud... hard! Thanks for that.

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