Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joey Update and More Ramblings

-Ok, here's what is going on with the Joey man, so far. We went last week to the Genetics people and she looked him over top to bottom. Not one part of him went untouched or unexamined. When then started the first round of tests- a bone survey, blood work, and chromosome test. The bone survey came back saying that his bone density was low. But, the other 2 results will be back at the earliest next week. Last Wed the physical therapy people came and evaluated him. He isn't as far behind as I thought, only 20%. However, they thought he was too stiff and his fine motor skills aren't as developed as they wanted, so we are going to start PT in the next week or so. Then, on Thursday, we went back to Memphis for more tests- renal ultrasound and MRI of his back. They had to put my sweet boy to sleep for the MRI, and I wasn't too fond of that, but it all went well. We will have results from that back Monday or Tuesday. We are hoping for good results, so we'll see.

-I hate 9-11. I'm not un-American or anything like that. But....I can only watch those towers burning and hear those news reports so many times. Yes, it happened. Yes, it was awful. Yes, I am appreciative for those that sacrificed and feel sorrow for those that were lost. But, it is going to do nobody any good, especially me, to dwell on it all day. The end.

-I have a cold. I don't get sick a whole lot, but boy, I have had it this week. Blah. No medicines help, so I am just trying to tough it out. Now, my baby boy is sneezing and runny, so I'm sure he'll be down tomorrow.

-My 2 year old would rather wear a diaper than Toy Story Pull Ups...what the heck?

-As always, I love my little brood. We all had a sick day yesterday. We all layed around and watched movies, ate our meals on the couches, and let the house get messy. I was so sickly that I didn't care. It was the best day I've had in a while. Love those boys!!