Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm baaaccckkkk

So, I have taken a temporary hiatus from most all internet things....for sanity reasons. I am out to create a more mentally health me. Starting this whole thing off, Danny and I started with a "lent" of our own Mormon variety. Danny was to give up soft drinks and me, facebook.....he lasted 3 days, I'm still holding out for Nov 9, my 40 day mark. Yea. It's great. My brain was falling apart, for more than one reason, so this was a step in a much needed new direction for, I met back up with my old friend, Lexapro, thank you heaven. So, I am smiling and happy and I think I might just make it from day to day! Yay! So, what have we been up to? Not much. haha. Actually we've been doing a lot of festive things- caramel apples, pumpkin carving, treak or treating, and so forth. It has been great. I'll post pictures later. Plus, all that other stuff, work, dishes, legos, and more doctors visits. Little Joey is making a lot of progress- starting to sit up, working on trying to crawl. He goes in for more tests in the next couple of months, but we are hoping for more good news. Kirky is just a 2 year old, both good and bad. He loves to help me out. However, tantrums are too took me 45 minutes to talk him into wearing his Halloween costume. And by "talking him into" I mean trying to hold him down and dress him as he kicked and screamed. Fun. But he loved it in the end. Me and Dan are just hanging out- keeping it real. At the moment I am listening to Danny and James play Halo and talk about their GWAM. "It's 6 on 6. The elite vs the spartans. It's like......" (insert James ADD space out moment here) "Did you loose your train of thought"-Danny "Oh, uh, Yea. It's the hobbit version of Halo."-James Nerdy conversation continues. Yea, I just got threatened. "If you are writing about us....we are going to rip your face off." There is a lot of love in the room.


Amanda said...

LOL! I love those two brothers of mine!

Mariann said...

Funny stuff! I missed you while you were away...honestly!! I still check every now that you're back...just know I am here!
Love you guys...give your three men a squeeze from their favorite auntie! (no...not Aunt .MEEEEEEE!) :)