Friday, April 1, 2011

General Conference

General Conference Weekend is upon us. I try and get the short people excited about the opportunity to hear the prophet's voice. We try and do a family home evening the week before all about Conference. This ALWAYS includes a first presidency match game. Last night, we did a chain of geneal authorities....can you guys who colored what?
Maybe everybody else knows all about this, but there are these cute General Conference packets available for all ages. So, for all my fellow LDS-ers that weren't aware, I'll share with you. usually has some good ones, but they were slacking this time. I used parts of their last one along with the one found here. That last link is also were I got the General Authority chain. These are great to have little kids do. Last time, we sat a little table up in the living room and gave Kirk different things to do during each session.....the packet, coloring pages, the matching game I mentioned earlier, and always some snacks! Hope everybody has a great conference weekend!