Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This has been a bad week to be a pet around the Wilson estates. Last Friday our dog of 5 years, Libby got hit by a car. Today, my parent's dog of 12 years, Buster died. This has created a lot of talking time between my 3.5 year old and me. He's not upset by it at all. There are just a lot of questions. Questions that I can't answer. It's not that I don't know the answers, I do. It's mostly that I can't answer them on a 3 year old level. He is way more inquisitive about it that I expected him to be.
His questions start out kind of like this:
"Where is "Livvy" now?"
"Is she with Heavenly Father?"
"How did she get up there?"
"What did Pap (the area pet bury-er) do with her?"
"How did Pap get up to heaven?"
"Did Pap have to die to take her to heaven?"
"Since Livvy is with Heavenly Father is she alive again?"
"If I ask Heavenly Father, will He send her back to me?"

The more questions I answer the deeper his questions get.

I think next Family Home Evening we are going to have the glove spirit/body lesson.

I'm not smart enough to be a mom.


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This made me cry a little.

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