Sunday, August 17, 2008

Payback is a baby!

This afternoon, Danny decided we should all go for a little walk around the yard. The ground here is WAY too unlevel to put Kirk in his stroller, so Danny thought it would be fun to try Kirk in his "backpack". He also volunteered to wear it while we were walking. He put it on and we made our way around the yard. By, I'd say, maybe the 3rd lap, he looked at me and said "I don't know how you did it." Yea, yea, yea, I know Kirk has nearly doubled in weight since he was born. But, Danny is about double as strong as I am. So, that makes up for it right? After about 20 minutes, Dan was pooped, so we made our way inside. 20 minutes at double the weight....does that equal a couple of months at half the weight? Kirk was also a good sport and let Mom take a couple of pictures of him. I particularly think that this one is very fetching!
I have decided, that, like Danny said, it was kind of hard (and heavy) to carry him around for 9 months, but, I would not trade it for a second. Just one look at that beautiful face, and I know I would have been willing to be pregnant for 9 more months (but thank goodness I didn't have to be! Whew!)!


Amanda said...

Wow! Danny is the first man I've seen (other than the models in parenting mags) wear a baby carrier. That's awsome!! You're right about those little angels too. We moms put up with alot to get them here and then when they finally arrive it makes pregnancy seem like such a small price to pay.

Kristi said...

Mr. Kirk is just to cute. I am so glad you guys are blogging. I will look forward to keeping an eye on you guys.
Love, Great auntie Kristi

Grammy VO said...

Love these Pictures! Keep them coming! (LOTS OF THEM)