Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Have An Awesome Day:

1. Get a visit from your long, lost friend, the sun. Currently, in Booneville, MS, the temperatures have reached a high of 57 degrees. So, you know where I've been all day....OUTSIDE!!!! Today and yesterday, we have gone and ran around the park for an hour or so and it is just what the body needed. Yesterday, Kirk even asked to take a nap from being so tuckered out from intense play time. I was beginning to think we weren't going to make it to spring, but days like the past few have really helped matters. Although, its supposed to start raining Sunday and get cold again. Oh well, it has given us a second wind, anyway.
2. Buy a Fan. Before baby #1, I was a mild temperatured person. Boy, did Kirk change that. Now, being prego again, I burn up most of the time, especially at night. If it were my choice, we would have the heat completely off during the night, but I have 2 boys here that wouldn't like that very much. So, today I bought a fan. That sucker is going right next to my bed and I'm going to freeze all night. It will be great!!!!
3. Get prepared. So, it has dawned on us that we have less than 6 weeks before we will have a new baby in our house. Wow. Before yesterday, we had zero things done in preparation for the little squirt. But, as of this exact moment, we have all the baby clothes washed and put away, blankets washed and folded, a bassinet ready to be used, and a half packed diaper bag. This makes me feel a little less crazy and worried. Now, we just have to tie up a few loose ends and buy a new car seat. Yay!
4. Get a Letter. Today, we received our first letter from our friend Michael Byrd who left a few weeks ago to serve a mission in Utah and the surrounding area. He was our best pal in the ward (even though hes 4-5 years younger than us) and he even dated my sister for a while. It's good to hear from him and know that things are going well.
Well, there you go. That is how a great day is made. Hope everyone elses day is going just as fantastic!!!


Amanda said...

Yea!! I'm sooo excited that you're having another cute boy soon. I guess I better get started on that blessing outfit. Do you still want all white?
Cause I have some pretty cute boy fabric. Let me know.

Marlee said...

Did you really just say that you were EVER a "mild temperatued person"?