Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Ready To Be Done!

Blah....3.25 more weeks.....I don't think I can hold out without having a nervous breakdown. I am super glad that I'm not hugely fat and uncomfortable, but, I am growing tired of people looking so shocked and saying "you don't look far enough along" when I say I'm 36/37's just another reason to make me worry. I know that it is usually best for a baby to stay baking as long as possible, but I just want him out now. I want to make sure he is ok and growing on pace....I guess I am being kinda selfish about that. The doc said he is completely healthy, but the fact that my belly goes completely away when I lie down freaks me out. Things could be much worse, and I'm glad they are not. My hormones couldn't take it. I'm sure anybody that's ever been prego understands. Things that are not that bad seem horrible when that certain mood kicks in. I'll feel better in an hour, I'm sure. Now, we're just waiting it out until Tuesday, for a non-stress test and an update on the little dude. We love him so much already, but we may spank him when he comes out for all the worrying he's making us do. :-) But, what ever happens, if he comes today or if he comes in April, I am sure Heavenly Father is watching out for him and me, and that whatever works best will be what happens. It may be good for my nerves to be a little strained for the next 3 weeks....therapy, or something...who knows.


Amanda said...

Hang in there darlin'. Just know that you're in our thoughts and prayers. Love you much!!

Shay Lee said...

I'm sorry! The one thing holding me back from getting prego again is, well... being prego. LOL But you seem so strong. And can I just say that if my baby was healthy AND i wasn't getting as big as a planet I'd be thrilled. Try to enjoy it while it lasts. This too shall pass.