Sunday, June 12, 2011


This weekend, we had the opportunity to keep our niece. What a precious girl. Always polite, loves Barbies, quite a little lady. It made me realize....I have boys. Dirty, stinky, rambunctious boys. When she had the Barbies out Kirk chased them around with a T-Rex trying to eat them. Kirk let out little stink bombs and proudly proclaimed "Allie!!! I tooted!!" She would gasp and say "Kirk!" in a very motherly little girl way. She brushed doll's hair while he threw blocks and ran around screaming. It was quite a different world. I would very much like to have a little girl of my own some day, but for now, I guess me and my boys will make mud pies and gas jokes and terrorize our borrowed Barbie collections with our giant dinosaur collection. Either is grand!



Iva. said...

wow. :) *_*
interesting and cute blog. :$ ---> my blog. <3

Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-4 DVD said...

It must be a very happy day!so cool!

Camilla Ekins said...

So that picture with Kirk and his lifted shirt...that is totally Danny. He used to do that ALL the time! He even pulled a face like that...I laughed out loud for that one...and the post about the boys vs girls was also very cute! :)

Anonymous said...

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