Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fro-fro baby

Ah, the Joey man and his curly locks. They are sweet. Every lady that we walk past at Wal Mart touches it. But man, is it a mess. The back of it knots up and mats up and looks gross. So, I did some research and turns out satin sheets are easy on the hair. I packed the boys up and off we went to Babies R Us. Guess what? They have none in stock. They could order me some, but...those suckers are $20. What?!?! So, what else can I do, but make my own. Hancock Fabrics had their satin on sale, so it my grand total was around $8 for fabric, elastic, and thread. I googled some tutorials and it was actually a very easy thing to make. Plus, it looks pretty snazzy!
Yes, that is storage behind, under, and around the crib.....we've got to make use of every inch we have!

He's totally worth it, right?
There are almost no pictures of the boy where he is not eating or covered in food.

Don't tell, but I had to put his hair up in a ponytail....He may hate me one day, but, man, it is so dang cute!


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