Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!

This weekend we went down to Starkville to celebrate Mark's 21st Birthday. It was wonderful to spend the day with the Williams clan. We went to church in West Point then on to Mark and Kim's apartment for lunch and cake. Kim made a beautiful cake, of a awesome gray color. We got to enjoy each other's company. It was very enjoyable. Happy Birthday Mark!

This is a special gift to Mark. I wonder who that could be?

Again, listen to this singing!

What would a William's family blog be without a Kirk update. He has a new swing and he absolutley is in love with it. A majority of his naps are in there. He is growing by the minute. He loves to play with Mom and Dad and is cooing and giggling all the time.

As always, here are a few pictures of the little man child.


Amanda said...

I feel so left out all the sudden..
sad :( Those pics of Kirk are so darling. He's making some Danny faces. It's so weird to me that he's a dad. Does it ever feel like you have two kids? James always teases me that he's my fifth kid....he's right of course. But don't tell him I told you.