Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transformation to 2

New Born

1 Year Old

2 years old

This is a tag team blog...Danny is helping me out on this one. Wow. Can you believe it that the Kirk man is already 2? It seems like just yesterday that I was enduring the awful pains of childbirth to get this precious boy here. He lights up every room that he goes in and is such a caring and loving little guy. I'm proud to be his mom!

My little man! Wow it is just so amazing how time seems to fly. Seems as though he's still our new born...and even though another little rugrat took that position I'll never forget how great it feels to see him grow. From that first time he lifted his head on his own, we knew he'd be independent. Kirk we love you more than you could ever know! See ya at 3!

I'm totally stealing this from some other people's blog...I thought it was cute.

Kirk at 2
Noodles and Bread
Slip and Slide
Memaw's goldfish
Playing outside
Walking on the ceiling
Ice Pops
Parmesan Cheese
Wonderpets, Dora, and Yo Gabba Gabba

Vegetables, fruits, or anything good for you
Going to bed
Not getting his way
Sitting through Sacrament meeting
Strangers (for about 2 minutes, then he warms up)
Taking pictures (too bad for him)
Mommy and Daddy leaving
Sinning (Danny added that one)

He is such a good boy! We love him so much!


Amanda said...

Aww, happy birthday Kirk! Have I ever mentioned that he's really cute.....cause he is!

Amanda said...

ps. paste this into your browser and check out the blessing outfits.

You may want me to do something different.