Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love giving my boys their baths together. I don't know, it is just so cute to me. So, in they went together for a bath. I got Joey all bathed up and finished, so I took him to his room to get him dressed while Kirk splashed around and played. I had Joey in his diaper and that wonderful baby lotion when I hear Kirk shout with glee "Mommy!! Look! Look at the water!" I didn't give it much thought because he freaks out every time he splashes and makes bubbles. So, I went ahead and put Joey's pjs on him and got him nestled down before I went back into the bathroom. All the while Kirk is begging me to come and look in the tub. So, right as I walk in he starts crying and has his finger scrapping the roof of his mouth. I think, "Oh no. He has swallowed some soap." Then, I notice this brown particle on his lip. I get closer to the tub and I see it. A giant poop log floating in the water. Then I figure it child had eaten poop. He was freaking out trying to get it out of the roof of his mouth. I wiped it out with a rag and then bath time came to an end. Poor kid.


Amanda said...

Holy gross!!! Ahhh!

Melissa said...

That is just sick! Aren't kiddos fun??? Thanks for not getting a picture of that one :)