Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday...take 3 and 4

Whew, this kid has had more birthdays this year than most kids have in 3! Well, Grammy and Pappaw and family came down and brought him his birthday gifts. We had cookies and yummy (too yummy) ice cream. Unfortunately, we don't have any great pictures of this event. But, Kirk got some money from the Williams family and from my grandparents, so I went to Wal Mart the next day and got him some gifts. We had a scavenger hunt around the house leading him to clues and some presents. He freaked out! First he got an Elmo movie. He screamed "ELMO!!!!" It was pretty great.
Then, he got Toy Story sheet set thing. He walked in to his room, covered his mouth, and gasped for a good 10 seconds straight.

Then he said "GOOK! (look) Mommy! Buzzy bed!!" It was pretty much the greatest thing ever!