Saturday, July 24, 2010

JULY 23rd

Ok, so, yesterday was a fantastic day. It was our five year anniversary. 5 YEARS?? Yep, that's right. We are old. Time for a mushy moment. There is really just one person I my life that I feel completely comfortable around. One person who I can go have a good time with, look horrible around, have an emotional breakdown to, be completely elated with, and feel ok just sitting beside. That is Danny. I don't have to be fake. I don't have to try. I just get to be. That is why I love being married. That is why I feel lucky to be married to Danny. The End. Mushy part over. We really did nothing huge to celebrate. The night before we went to Inception. Which is, yes, the best movie ever made. We had a nice breakfast together and played Call of Duty while the boys napped. Then the real fun happened. Almost every year our Anniversary falls on the day our ward celebrates Pioner Day. We headed out to this cute little place called Ray's Place. It's where they have line dancing classes during the week. Is has all kinds of old farm equipment hanging from the walls and ceilings and huge deer like creatures mounted everywhere. Really fun place. We eat ( dogs...and summer salads)!! Then, we dance. Line Dance. So fun. It lasted from 6:30-9 and I think I held Joey for maybe 10 minutes the whole time. We have a lot of nice ladies that snatch him up the second they get the chance. The reason this was so fun....last year, Kirk freaked out....the big deer, the loud music...freaked out. This year, he immediately ran off with his friends and played Skee Ball until time to eat, then when it came time to dance, he was right out there in the middle. It was actually pretty cute. You had the group of line dancers in one area then a big group of kids, all 6 and under, dancing in another area. It was a pretty fantastic time.
Yes, he is the only boy dancing, but he was also only 1 of 3 boys there.....