Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Thoughts...

1. Day 6 on the I thin yet?

2. On a similar note, I will never get thin if people don't stop giving me tamales, cheesecake, and KFC.

3. Today, I locked myself in my grandmothers new car. I could not get out for 5 LONG minutes.

4. When I finally unlocked the door, I set the car alarm off and couldn't get it off for 5 more LONG minutes.

5. I am totally comfortable with who I am. I am just uncomfortable with the fact that other people are uncomfortable with it. I don't like being a disappointment, but I can see it in their eyes, for several reasons. I hate it that people think I sold myself short because I didn't go to school for a bizzillion years. I understand that money is essential, and learning for that matter. But it is not the main thing. I would NEVER EVER trade my kids for the biggest house or the nicest car. I am not being lazy nor does my husband force me to be a housewife. I am doing what makes me happy, people should get over that.

6. My best friend has decided to leave me. For college. This is hard for more than one reason (see number 5.)

7. Today my running mix included Blink 182, Steppenwolf, and Power Line.

8. I am watching a rerun of SNL hosted by Steve Carrell. Brillant.

9. My husband left his cell phone at home today. Panic ensued.

10. I am so glad that my husband takes care of us as he does. I am also glad that I have 2 very great little boys. They make my world go round.



Amanda said...

Can I just say that I love you to death! You are one of my heroes! Thanks for sharing.

Marlee said...

That best friend loves you more than anything. She's just ready to start the next chapter in her life. She's also very excited to one day be a teacher, and she has to go to college for that, for some stupid reason. ;) Know that it hurts her that people look down on you sometimes, especially when they are doing so because they are comparing you to her. You're already so sucessful. You are a hard-working mom and wifey. Your friend just has different plans than you do, not BETTER plans. Remember that.