Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty Train!!!!! Urggg!!!!!

Ok, sooo, like I said before, Kirk is taking his diaper off all the time. I tried to potty train him, for about 6 hours....He would scream any time I would take him to the bathroom. He wet in his undies twice and I just do not have the mental capacity to clean that up all day, so he went back in to a diaper. (Now, we just put them on backwards...harder to take off..) So, today we are eating lunch and he says "Go potty, Mommy! Go potty!" So I jerk him out of his seat and take him down the hall...and he starts screaming. He then runs away, goes in the corner, and poops in his diaper. He comes back to the table and I ask him "Kirk, are you scared of the potty?" He says "Um-hmm. Scared of the potty." Me-"Why are you scared of the potty?" Kirk-"Monsters." Me-"Monsters Where?" Kirk-"Monsters in 'ere. Monsters in the potty." Evidently, Danny, in an effort to scare him out of the bathroom when he was much younger, told him that there were monsters in the potty. Thus, thwarting my potty training efforts. Great.


Amanda said...

Curses!! Dads should have to check with moms before they say stuff!