Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goal Update

A few months ago, I posted this:


I am quite the goal oriented gal. However, my goals are usually slightly outlandish. Like my goals for the rest of the year. They include:
-Lose 20lbs
-Potty train Kirk
-Get Joey to sleep through the night (hopefully sooner than later)
They might be kinda hard, but I honestly believe I can get them all done. I already have the treadmill going, we have a small stock of Buzz Lightyear briefs, and well, I think Joey loves me enough to sleep all night, don't you?

I also, apparently, need to learn how to spell.

So.....I suppose you are wondering how things turned out.....
-Lose 20lbs- yeah, more like 5 or 10, but I'll take that.
-Potty training- Urg, don't even go there. Poor Kirk, he hates underwear. I don't know why. He screams and runs away in fear. We have Toy Story AND Yo Gabba Gabba and he still prefers Parents Choice diapers. Don't really know what we'll do about that.
-Joey's sleep- He actually started sleeping through the night not long after I posted these goals. He likes me (or just feels sorry for me).
-I still haven't learned how to spell.

I guess 1 out of 4 ain't bad..... :-)

My goals for the next 6 months:
Make it out alive!


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