Tuesday, January 11, 2011


#1- Yesterday it snowed. A lot.....for Mississippi anyway. We got 8-9 inches here in Boonevegas! We ghetto sled in plastic tubs, made snow cream, hooked a sled up to the gator, made a snow man, and made home made hot chocolate. It was AWESOME. We had such a great day! And a shout out to my mom who baby sat Joey nearly all day so we could have some fun! Thanks, Mom!

#2- More positive test results for Joey! From a MRI we had done a month or so ago we learned that he has some brain developmental problems. We are still searching for a reason why. However, the latest genetics testing came back ok so, that is good. We think he is just our little miracle baby.

#3- Danny always makes me post these type of things.... Kirk was in the kitchen messing in some of the cabinets. He came around the corner and I saw him stick something in his mouth. He has this nasty little habit of eating medicine or paper...or anything besides food. So this is our back and forth:
Me-"What did you put in your mouth?"
Kirk- Silence
Me-"Was it food?"
Kirk- "Nope"
Me- "Was is medicine?"
Kirk- "Nope"
Me-"Was it candy?"
Kirk- "Nope"
Me- "Well, then what was it?"
Kirk- "A booger from my nose."
Great huh?