Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet Agnes

A week or 2 ago our beloved Sophie passed away. She got injured and ended up in a lot of pain with her lower half being completely paralyzed. She had to be put down. It was a sad day in the Williams house. Poor James was here when it happened. If he could handle Danny and me crying and nose wiping all day, he can handle anything on his mission. The day she passed we were offered a puppy, for free. I wasn't too sure about the whole thing at first. But, after watching Kirk "walk" a ball hooked up to Linky-do's I decided the poor kid needed a dog. She is half dachshund and half pomeranian (did I spell those right?). Her name is Agnes and we love her. Although, it wasn't my best idea to bring a a new puppy home in the middle of everybody having the flu. Oh well. She is definantely loved by one sweet little boy!


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry about Sophie. But seriously, how cute is that picture of Kirk?! Love that kid!

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that so cute little boy,i love his smile,so sweet.

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big homie said...

hi agnes