Sunday, February 27, 2011


So, there is this website, it's basically for gossip. You enter in your town and can gossip anonymously about whatever in your town. So, somebody got on there and posted about how that there is a Mormon cult in Booneville and that they met 2 twin girls from the cult and wanted to alert the public of it. Then there was about 20 messages of banter back and forth about how we worship a serial killer and we are all crazy and then some people saying no they aren't blah blah blah. It is sad how ignorant people can be. I know these "twin girls". They were in Danny's Sunday school class and just graduated high school. It is quite sad because these are 2 of the most upright girls that I know. They are my sister's age and went to school with her and one of my best friends nieces. So, I've known them from a distance for most of their lives. They have always been good girls. It's a shame that these 2 sweet, wholesome girls get attacked for nothing. It's also a shame that people google "mormon" and just assume that whatever comes up first is true. In my short history with the church I've heard all kinds of crazy things that aren't true because some moron believed something he was told. I also find it kinda ridiculous that somebody from another faith can tell us that we are going to "perish" because we don't believe what they believe. My sister's boyfriend (who is VERY church of Christ) came to visit last week. We were talking about our being Mormon and he said "You know, I don't have the authority to judge." Amen. No one here really does. Especially ole Irma Jean from the First Freewill Church of Methodist (not a real person nor church). The church is true, the book is blue. That is all.


boweiz said...

so nice a family.Timberland roll top I like you.

Carson Grimm said...

I imagine that if the internet had been around when James wrote his epistle, he would have had to include fingers as being a fire along with the tongue

Amanda said...

Wow, just wow.