Friday, February 18, 2011

Potty Training: Day 1

Hmmm...this day was not really a success, but not a total failure either. The day started off pretty well. No fits when I told him no to the diaper. I told him he could be naked but if he wanted to go outside and play he would have to wear undies. So, guess what? He wore undies. Definitely a success. However, we went through like, 5 pairs today. He is so stubborn. I would try to remind him every now and then "hey, let's go potty." He would scream no, freak out, and then pee his pants out of spite. I swear. However, we went to walmart with my mom and he wore a pull up. He stayed dry the whole time we were gone and was still dry before he went to bed. Typical bribery won't work for him, so I have devised a new plan. Toys. I went to the dollar tree and bought several junk toys. Ya know, the kind that he will think are totally awesome that I can just throw away the next day. And for a dollar. I also bought some snacks and "fill in the blank" coupons. I brought all this stuff home and put it in a little bucket (also from dollar tree) and it is now our potty treat bucket. If he goes he can pick 1 thing out. It worked once tonight. My mom took him to the bathroom and he was not down with going. He came out and saw the bucket. I told him that he could pick something if he went potty. He said "I want to go potty!" and he went and did downfall....he will only pee outside. Redneck, right? Oh well. It's a step in the right direction.


Potty Training said...

I would go and wake Kayla up before we went to bed and had her go potty again. When I did that I noticed she stopped peeing in her diaper at night and that is when I took the diapers completely away. After I did that she still has only peed the bed once. Good luck!

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