Thursday, February 10, 2011

I hate to be corny, but.....

For family home evening this past Monday we did something that we love to do, delive goodies to our friends! Instead of doing the normal cookie plate, we went with something a bit different....Popcorn! This is super fun and easy and the kiddos can help!

First, I let Kirk decorate a bunch of paper bags with hearts. He did an excellent job!
Next, I popped some popcorn. I melted a little bit of vanilla almond bark and dyed it pink. I put it in a zippy bag, clipped the corner and drizzled it over the corn. Warning! The kids might want to help too much with this part! Kirk said "Mommy! Squirt some in my mouth!"
Finally, I printed out some tags (from here), put the cooled popcorn in the bag, and attached the tags!
It was quite fun to make and was an awesome way to spend our Monday night together!