Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drum role please.....

It's A Boy!!!
I guess we beat the odds this time. Every single person we knew said there was a girl in there, but nope, they were all wrong. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. When I found out Kirk was a boy, I thought "What in the world am I ever going to do with a boy?" But, now I know, and I love it. Not that I don't want a girl, I very much do....someday... I am in love with my baby boy now and I am really looking forward to his little brother! Plus, that means I don't have to buy new things for this kid, a major plus, considering we live in a matchbox at the moment. Side note, Danny got transferred to the Movie Gallery in Booneville, which is about 10 minutes away from home!!! (Tupelo was nearly 50) We are very thankful for this little guy that is baking away at the moment and for Kirk. He got to see baby Wyatt this past week and he didn't try to beat him up or anything, so that's a good sign, right?


Grammy VO said...

Yay!!! One boy is nice, but two has got to be much better. Congratulations. Hope you are feeling alright now.
Love you Grammy

Mariann said...

Seems like everyone around me is having girls...TWO BOYS!!! It is such a treat to have boys. I love my two boys so much! I am happy that yours will be closer in age than mine. Hopefully you will have less "Older brother-Younger brother" conflict. Dunno...Ask Danny and there less???I've always thought they were pretty close! What little men you are makin! God Bless you! I am so proud of your decision to still let your family grow. Some don't you know...and some do make the decision to and it just doesn't happen...God bless them too! I am so happy for you!