Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Ole Days

I'm stealing these pictures from my sisters blog. Old pictures make me crazy happy.

My grandparent's "wedding picture". She was only 16. (She turned 17 three days later, she always includes that fact in this story.)

This isn't an old picture, but this is them about 55 years later (and the Kirk boy), thought you'd like to see.

Mammaw and Pappaw

Pappaw, Mammaw, and my cute Daddy.

This is my grandmother, her sisters and one of her brothers....the two little kids are cousins or something. Mammaw is the one in the dress.
What a beautiful time.


Mariann said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pix! What a great era they grew up in. Lovin those styles. They look so classy! I wonder if our grandkids will look at our pictures and think the same thing. They will probably wonder if they are all authentic...seeing how often we digitally enhance things these days. No enhancements needed!