Monday, May 9, 2011

Can I go ahead and do my day 5??

Ok, I'm going to! I've been posting the day after for the past couple of days because in trying to get my 3 year old asleep, I end up crashing too....sometimes before he does.

So, now, day 5.

My kids are going to think that the day after Sunday is Cleaningday.

I love Mondays!!

My house goes straight down the toilet during the weekend. I try to take Sunday off as best I can, but by the end of the day, I just have to go sit on the couch and ignore the mess. Monday is officially cleaning day at my house. Not that I don't clean everyday. I do all the small stuff everyday. But Monday, thats when I really get to work: cleaning behind the toilet, scrubbing the tub, windexing and/or cloroxing every surface in my house, tons of laundry, etc..... Kirk is learning to follow suit. He is already kind of anal about things (wow, is that really spelled the same as the other meaning for that word? hmm...) He picks up his toys without being asked, he closes cabinets for me, compulsively straightens him. But Monday, he knows that this is the day that Mommy is going to really put him to work. I'm all about getting my kiddos to do chores.

So, Monday, the day the stress for the weekend gets washed away, literally.

I am thankful for a day to clean!!!!