Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Day #1

I've been thinking a lot today about the power of positive thinking. I really believe in it. Not that you can think happy thoughts and no bad stuff will come your way. But, you know "When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed, When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost..." Yea. So, I've decided I'm going to use my blog as an outlet for my thanksgiving. I'm going to blog everyday for the month something I'm thankful for. (hopefully I don't lose my zeal and give up after tonight)

So, day 1.

Today I am thankful for my health. I am thankful that I have the stamina and ability to chase my wild kids around. I'm thankful that I don't have to totally rely on meds to keep me alive. I am thankful that my body is working properly (more or less) and I can do those everyday things that I take for granted. I am thankful that my joints move painlessly. I've seen the way bad health has made an impact on people's lives and it truly hurts me for them. I'm thankful that is one thing that I don't have to deal with at this point in my life.