Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We love Hannah!!

I have to say, I've been somewhat frustrated and disappointed in some people of the medical profession as of late. (I know, I'm treading dangerous ground with a nurse mommy and nurse mommy-in-law.) Sometimes it just seems like they want to get us in and get us out as quickly and as conveniently as possible. I know it isn't ever nurse, aid, doctor, etc's job to get to know us personally and to come and have dinner with us. I get that. It's not appropriate nor is it feasible. However, I cannot begin to describe to you the comfort that comes from having someone take a personal interest in my child and in getting him the help that he needs. Joey's physical therapist, Hannah, does just that. I was a little nervous about having someone come into my house for therapy. We are a messy, wild group. But, we all just love her. She goes out of her way for my baby man. I know that it is her job to help him and get him the help she can't provide. However, it doesn't seem like just a job to her. She is great and she restores my faith in people and those that care for my family. So, thank you, Hannah, for doing all that you do!!


Marlee said...

I attribute it to her fine education. ;) Freed represent!